The Journey's Destination

News flash: there’s no right way to drink coffee.

Big, small, with sugar, black, with almond milk, before dawn, on a Sunday, in the light of the moon. The key is, did you enjoy it?

Coffee is one of the small luxuries in life that many of us are lucky enough to enjoy. So why not make sure you really savour that brew?

With the rise of specialty coffee came the significant shift of treating coffee as a culinary drink rather than a functional one. Don’t down coffee for the caffeine, treasure it for it’s freakin delicious aroma and flavours!

Now, more than ever, cafes are offering a wide range of ways to experience coffee. Espresso based, milk drinks are definitely the go to of choice and sometimes, there’s not much better in the world than a rich, sweet flat white to start the day. Explore that menu though!

Different quantities of milk, varied extractions and a plethora of single origins will each open up tasty new expressions to enjoy. Many cafes now offer a rotating range of single origin coffees which are a great way to explore the variety and nuance of flavours different beans have to offer. Filter coffee is also rapidly becoming more popular as its waste-free preparation and lighter profile make it the perfect format to showcase limited release, unusual coffees.

No matter how you enjoy your coffee, make sure to savour it – remember: it’s been a long journey to get here.