Raiden 1


Raiden 1, also known by its more complicated name of Raiden IIS Part A, is the prequel to Raiden IIS Part B and is the very first game in the Raiden series. You play the role of a fighter pilot in an old school atari style shooter. Collect weapons and items to power up your ship and avoid taking damage from your enemies. The major difference between Raiden 1 and Raiden X? You get a lifebar. Like all Raiden games, the soundtrack is excellent!

[Arrows: Move | CTRL: Shoot | Space: Bomb | Q: Quit]

Items appear floating around the screen throughout the game. Some power your gun, some give you extra bombs, and others give you special powers. Note that not every item you take may be a benefit to you!


There are two types of weapons; the gun and the bomb. Bombs could cancel out certain enemies' weapons.

Medals are located in the background of every level. The more medals you get, the more bonus you get at the end of the level.

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